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Portrait of a Woman, possibly Elizabeth Boothby

Cornelis Jonson (called Jonson van Ceulen)
(British, 1593-1661)
England, 17th century

Oil on wood

Framed: 93.5 x 78 x 5 cm

Unframed: 65.7 x 56 cm

Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Noah L. Butkin, 1973.185

Location: 213 Dutch Painting

Image Credit: Cleveland Museum of Art


In this oil on wood painting, artist Cornelis Jonson displays the stunning portrait of Elizabeth Boothby, the daughter of a 16th century prominent London merchant. Although painted in England, Jonson’s work reflects the traditions of Dutch portraiture. The period’s richness and detailed realism is reflected in the faux marble oval surrounding the portrait, the expensive lace that adorns the subject’s silk gown, the jewels in her hair, and the silver thread that hangs down from her neck. All of which are symbols of wealth and status.  Note the exquisite detail of the lace and consider the attention and delicacy needed to make it so.

Cornelis Jonson received his art training in Amsterdam before returning to England where his style developed under the influence of the Flemish portraitist Daniel Mytens the Elder. He spent a decade as a portraitist for the English aristocracy. In 1632, he was appointed one of the official court painters for Charles I, becoming “his Majesty’s servant in the quality of Picture drawer.” He spent the last 20 years of his career in the Dutch Republic.


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Published: 2022-10-17

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