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Adrian M. Schnall


The winner has been declared.
A flood of relief!
Dancing in the streets!

And a gasp of horror.
How can there be tens of millions 
on the other side? So many more
than a couple dozen Proud Boys,
a few towns of hillbilly farmers, 
a frenzied rally crowd 
chanting Lock her up.

It’s fathers and mothers, 
sisters and brothers,
face upon human face.
Is it them or us? 
Who are the blind? 

Fires still flare on the battlefield – 
one is raging on and off in the distance.  
But every blaze is dying as I watch.  
Great conflagrations 
are turning to ash.

The forecast is for snow
on the mountaintops, in the streets,
in the corridors of State.
Pride needs to go 
into hibernation.

I think the air will be clear
in the morning. I think I will hear 
music in the trees.

But no one is surrendering
his gun.


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Adrian M. Schnall, Case Western Reserve School of Medicine

Clinical Professor

Division of Cinical and Molecular Endocrinology

Case Western Reserve School of Medicine