Highlights from the Inaugural HIV Reservoirs and Immune Control Conference, October 1st–4th 2023, Malahide Ireland

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Una O’Doherty
Javier Martinez-Picado
Asier Sáez-Cirión


The inaugural FASEB HIV Reservoirs and Immune Control Conference brought researchers together from across the globe to discuss reservoir dynamics in clinical cohorts. It extended over 4 days in the seaside town of Malahide, Ireland. The scientific sessions covered a broad range of topics, including: 1) HIV pathogenesis and control, 2) reservoirs and viral expression, 3) pediatric reservoirs, 4) innate immunity and B cell responses, 5) environmental factors affecting pathogenesis, 6) loss of virologic control, and 7) HIV-2. The following article provides a brief summary of the meeting proceedings and includes a supplementary document with the meeting abstracts. 


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Meeting Summaries


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