The Microbiome of Temporal Arteries

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Gary Stuart Hoffman
Ted M. Getz
Roshan Padmanabhan
Alexandra Villa-Forte
Alison H. Clifford
Pauline Funchain
Madhav Sankunny
Julian D. Perry
Alexander Blandford
Gregory Kosmorsky
Lisa Lystad
Leonard H. Calabrese
Charis Eng


Objective: A role for microorganisms in giant cell arteritis (GCA) has long been suspected. We describe the microbiomes of temporal arteries from patients with GCA and controls.

Methods: Temporal artery biopsies from patients suspected to have GCA were collected under aseptic conditions and snap-frozen. Fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) and long-read 16S rRNA-gene sequencing was used to examine microbiomes of temporal arteries. Taxonomic classification of bacterial sequences was performed to the genus level and relative abundances were calculated. Microbiome differential abundances were analyzed by principal coordinate analysis (PCoA) with comparative Unifrac distances and predicted functional profiling using PICRUSt.

Results : Forty-seven patients, including 9 with biopsy-positive GCA, 15 with biopsy-negative GCA and 23 controls without GCA, were enrolled. FISH for bacterial DNA revealed signal in the arterial media. Beta, but not alpha, diversity differed between GCA and control temporal arteries (P = 0.042). Importantly, there were no significant differences between biopsy-positive and biopsy-negative GCA (P > 0.99). The largest differential abundances seen between GCA and non-GCA temporal arteries included Proteobacteria (P), Bifidobacterium (g), Parasutterella (g) and Granulicatella (g) [Log 2-fold change > 4].

Conclusion: Temporal arteries are not sterile, but rather are inhabited by a community of bacteria. We have demonstrated that there are microbiomic differences between GCA and non-GCA temporal arteries, but not between biopsy-positive and biopsy-negative GCA.


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Hoffman GS, Getz TM, Padmanabhan R, Villa-Forte A, Clifford AH, Funchain P, et al. The Microbiome of Temporal Arteries. PAI [Internet]. 2019 Feb. 12 [cited 2023 Sep. 30];4(1):21-38. Available from:
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Gary Stuart Hoffman, Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine; Department of Rheumatic and Immunologic Diseases

Professor Emeritus Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine Center for Vasculitis Care and Research Department of Rheumatic and Immunologic Diseases Cleveland, Ohio


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