The Sloth

Published September 5, 2018
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Video by Jorge and Liana Kalil


Michael M. Lederman and Daniel R. Kuritzkes

I nearly saw a three-toed sloth
I really hoped to see one
But as I crept up on the beast
He sped off like a demon

How did this lazy fellow do it?
My legs were gelled, encased in suet
Insensate speed was needed now
That wily sloth could sprint, and how!

I called upon my last reserves
To stay with him through streams and curves
He would not give this race a rest
Just like those hounds of Budapest

His limbs a blur, his eyes agleam
His ears pressed back, his goggles seem
To mask his real intent, his dream
To master speed and be the Dean
of hustle.



About the Author

Michael Lederman is a physician scientist in Cleveland, Ohio. His granddaughter loves sloths. Dr. Kuritzkes is a physician scientist in Boston, Massachusetts. He hopes his granddaughter will grow to appreciate sloths.


Submitted May 24, 2019 | Accepted August 20, 2019 | Published September 5, 2019