Expert Exchange: David Baltimore, PhD



David Baltimore, PhD, reflects on his contributions to biomedical science, which have had a major influence on the fields of molecular biology, virology, cancer, and immunology.

Expert Exchange: Arturo Casadevall, MD, PhD


Dr. Arturo Casadevall shares insight into his childhood, what motivated him to go into biomedical research, the impact of the AIDS epidemic, and the lessons learned that he imparts to younger scientists.

Pathogens and Immunity's Launch Featured in "Science"


The prestigious journal Science covered the launch of Pathogens and Immunity in a January 15, 2016 article titled "The 5-minute journal submission."

“There’s no shortage of places to publish original research papers about pathogens and immunity,” journalist Jon Cohen wrote about P&I. “But a new peer-reviewed journal on those topics has a unique author-friendly mandate: to reduce the submission process to a matter of minutes, and initial reviews to just a few days.”

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