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Vol 1, No 1 (2016): Volume 1, Number 1 Defining HIV and SIV Reservoirs in Lymphoid Tissues Abstract   HTML   PDF
Claire Deleage, Stephen W. Wietgrefe, Gregory Del Prete, David R. Morcock, Xing-Pei Hao, Michael Piatak, Jr., Julian Bess, Jodi L. Anderson, Katherine Perkey, Cavan Reilly, Joseph M. McCune, Ashley T. Haase, Jeffrey D. Lifson, Timothy W. Schacker, Jacob D. Estes
Vol 1, No 2: Volume 1, Number 2 Diminished CD103 (aEb7) Expression on Resident T cells from the Female Genital Tract of HIV-positive women Abstract   HTML   PDF
David C. Moylan, Paul A. Goepfert, Mirjam-Colette Kempf, Michael S. Saag, Holly E. Richter, Jiri Mestecky, Steffanie Sabbaj
Vol 2, No 3: Volume 2, Number 3 Direct-acting Antivirals in Kidney Transplant Patients: Successful Hepatitis C Treatment and Short Term Reduction in Urinary Protein/Creatinine Ratios Abstract   HTML   PDF
Michael R. Goetsch, Ashutosh Tamhane, Mohit Varshney, Anuj Kapil, Edgar T. Overton, Graham C. Towns, Ricardo A. Franco
Vol 2, No 2: Volume 2, Number 2 Effects of Helminth Eradication on the Immune System Abstract   HTML   PDF
Ziva Weisman, Alexander Kalinkovich, Miguel Stein, Zalman Greenberg, Gad Borkow, David Adlerstein, Jemal Ali Mahdi, Zvi Bentwich
Vol 1, No 2: Volume 1, Number 2 Elevated Circulating Concentrations of Interferon-Gamma in Latent Tuberculosis Infection Abstract   HTML   PDF
Moises Arturo Huaman, George S. Deepe, Jr., Carl J. Fichtenbaum
Vol 1, No 2: Volume 1, Number 2 Epitope Capsid-Incorporation: New Effective Approach for Vaccine Development for Chagas Disease Abstract   HTML   PDF
Qiana L. Matthews, Anitra L. Farrow, Girish Rachakonda, Linlin Gu, Pius Nde, Alexandre Krendelchtchikov, Siddarth Pratap, Shruti S. Sakhare, Steffanie Sabbaj, Maria F. Lima, Fernando Villalta
Vol 1, No 2: Volume 1, Number 2 European Mitochondrial DNA Haplogroups are Associated with Cerebrospinal Fluid Biomarkers of Inflammation in HIV Infection Abstract   HTML   PDF
David C. Samuels, Asha R. Kallianpur, Ronald J. Ellis, William S. Bush, Scott Letendre, Donald Franklin, Igor Grant, Todd Hulgan
Vol 1, No 2: Volume 1, Number 2 Flu Shot Abstract   HTML   PDF
Adrian M. Schnall
Vol 1, No 2: Volume 1, Number 2 Fluoroquinolone-Resistant Escherichia coli Infections after Transrectal Biopsy of the Prostate in the Veterans Affairs Healthcare System Abstract   HTML   PDF
Elie Antoun Saade, Nuntra Suwantara, Trina F. Zabarsky, Brigid Wilson, Curtis J. Donskey
Vol 3, No 1: Volume 3, Number 1 Gifts Abstract   HTML   PDF
Marcel Tanner
Vol 1, No 1 (2016): Volume 1, Number 1 Hepatitis Delta Virus Detected in Salivary Glands of Sjögren’s Syndrome Patients and Recapitulates a Sjögren’s Syndrome-Like Phenotype in Vivo Abstract   HTML   PDF
Melodie L. Weller, Matthew R. Gardener, Zoe C. Bogus, Michael A. Smith, Elisa Astorri, Drew G. Michael, Donald A. Michael, Changyu Zheng, Peter D. Burbelo, Zhennan Lai, Paul A. Wilson, William Swaim, Beverly Handelman, Sandra A. Afione, Michele Bombardieri, John A. Chiorini
Vol 2, No 2: Volume 2, Number 2 HIV Infection of Macrophages: Implications for Pathogenesis and Cure Abstract   HTML   PDF
Kiera Leigh Clayton, Victor Garcia, Janice E. Clements, Bruce D. Walker
Vol 2, No 2: Volume 2, Number 2 HIV Pathogenesis: Abstracts from the March 2017 Cleveland Immunopathogenesis Consortium Meeting Abstract   HTML   PDF
Michael M. Lederman
Vol 2, No 1: Volume 2, Number 1 HIV/HCV Co-infection, Liver Disease Progression, and Age-Related IGF-1 Decline Abstract   HTML   PDF
Jeffrey Quinn, Jacquie Astemborski, Shruti H. Mehta, Gregory D. Kirk, David L. Thomas, Ashwin Balagopal
Vol 2, No 1: Volume 2, Number 1 Hurdles to the Development of Effective HBV Immunotherapies and HCV Vaccines Abstract   HTML   PDF
Almudena Torres-Cornejo, Georg M. Lauer
Vol 2, No 2: Volume 2, Number 2 Immunologic Effects of Maraviroc in HIV-Infected Patients with Severe CD4 Lymphopenia Starting Antiretroviral Therapy: A Sub-Study of the CADIRIS Trial Abstract   HTML   PDF
Pablo Francisco Belaunzarán-Zamudio, Livio Azzoni, David H. Canaday, Yanink N. Caro-Vega, Brian Clagett, Mohammed S Rassool, Benigno Rodriguez, Ian Sanne, Irini Sereti, Juan G. Sierra-Madero, Michael M. Lederman
Vol 2, No 3: Volume 2, Number 3 Impact of HLA Class I Alleles on Timing of HIV Rebound After Antiretroviral Treatment Interruption Abstract   HTML   PDF
You Jeong Park, Behzad Etemad, Hayat Ahmed, Vivek Naranbhai, Evgenia Aga, Ronald J. Bosch, John W. Mellors, Daniel R. Kuritzkes, Michael Para, Rajesh T. Gandhi, Mary Carrington, Jonathan Z. Li
Vol 2, No 1: Volume 2, Number 1 Impact of Tigecycline Versus Other Antibiotics on the Fecal Metabolome and on Colonization Resistance to Clostridium difficile in Mice Abstract   HTML   PDF
Robin L.P. Jump, David Kraft, Kelly Hurless, Alex Polinkovsky, Curtis J. Donskey
Vol 1, No 2: Volume 1, Number 2 Increasing Rates of Fluoroquinolone Resistance in Escherichia coli Blood and Urinary Isolates in Stem Cell Transplant and Hematologic Malignancy Populations Abstract   HTML   PDF
Christopher G. Hauck, Pearlie P. Chong, Melissa B. Miller, Katarzyna Jamieson, Jason P. Fine, Matthew C. Foster, Thomas C. Shea, David van Duin
Vol 1, No 1 (2016): Volume 1, Number 1 Interferons and HIV Infection: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Abstract   HTML   PDF
Netanya Sandler Utay, Daniel C. Douek
Vol 1, No 1 (2016): Volume 1, Number 1 Intimate Partner Violence is Associated with Increased CD4+ T-Cell Activation Among HIV-Negative High-Risk Women Abstract   HTML   PDF
Ameeta Shivdas Kalokhe, Chris C. Ibegbu, Surinder P. Kaur, Rama R. Amara, Mary E. Kelley, Carlos del Rio, Rob Stephenson
Vol 2, No 2: Volume 2, Number 2 Jak Inhibitors Modulate Production of Replication Competent Zika Virus in Human Hofbauer, Trophoblasts, and Neuroblastoma cells Abstract   HTML   PDF
Christina Gavegnano, Leda C. Bassit, Bryan D. Cox, Hui-Mien Hsiao, Erica L. Johnson, Mehul Suthar, Rana Chakraborty, Raymond F. Schinazi
Vol 2, No 1: Volume 2, Number 1 Lower Baseline Germinal Center Activity and Preserved Th1 Immunity are Associated with Hepatitis B Vaccine Response in Treated HIV Infection Abstract   HTML   PDF
Robert M. Paris, Lucimar G. Milagres, Eirini Moysi, Jason F. Okulicz, Brian K. Agan, Anu Ganesan, Constantinos Petrovas, Richard A. Koup
Vol 1, No 1 (2016): Volume 1, Number 1 Natural Killer Cell Diversity in Viral Infection: Why and How Much? Abstract   HTML   PDF
Catherine A. Blish
Vol 2, No 2: Volume 2, Number 2 Never Let a Crisis Go to Waste: Recruiting the Next Generation of Infectious Diseases Physicians Abstract   HTML   PDF
Curtis J. Donskey
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